Our 42-Year-Old Story

Classic is the Name of Luxury and Aesthetics VNN Office Furniture...

As VNN Office furniture more than 40 years; We serve you with our production, sales, wholesale and retail activities in many different categories such as, office furniture, office and staff working areas, armchair / sofa groups. Since the day we were founded, we have come to the present day as a brand that has adopted dynamism as a mission with our understanding of work that develops, progress and renews itself every day, and progress in the light of the creativity thoughts. Our handcrafted products, which are meticulously prepared by master hands and our professional team, carefully process the traces of the past and the present, and export them to many regions of the world, including Turkey, Europe and the Middle East. We provide our production with raw materials obtained from industrial forests in the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) forms and and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certificate, without using any harmful chemicals that will affect human health and the future of our world in the production of our products. We will continue to lead your industry, based on the motto of “Imagine a new office” with our factory located in Ankara, wich has a closed area of 12.000m² and an open area of 4.500m².


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Our values

Quality and Durability

Every VNN product is produced in accordance with the highest quality standards. The materials we use are carefully selected for long-lasting use and durability. Combined with our aesthetic design, we elevate the atmosphere of your office.

Original Designs
VNN highlights its unique designs in each of its products. Every detail offers unique solutions that combine functionality and aesthetics. Your office becomes a work of art with VNN furniture.
Customer happiness
Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business. In every project, we aim to exceed expectations by offering the most appropriate solutions to our customers' needs. The happiness of our business partners is the greatest success for us.
Our Expert Team
The VNN team stands out with its experience and expertise in the industry. Our professional designers, engineers and expert production team work to provide the best service at every stage.
Environmentally Friendly Approach
As VNN, we adopt a sensitive approach to environmentally friendly production and material selection. We care about sustainability and work with environmentally friendly production processes.

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